How many resources do I need?

MakePlans is charged per resource (see our pricing). So what is a resource? Well I first recommend that you read the article 'What is a resource?', but basically it is one of your staff, a room, or any other resource available for booking.

Okay, so now you hopefully understand what a resource is. If not, please contact us to discuss your user case.

But how many resources do you need? Well it depends. If you have staff available for booking then each bookable staff member should be a resource. That means each booking is assigned to one of your staff, no staff will have double bookings and your customer will know who the booking is with. The same applies for example for booking tennis, where each tennis court will be a resource. You don't want two customers to be confused which court they booked when they are ready to win the game.

But what about events and classes? Well now it can become a bit more complicated. Again, if your bookings is determined by a staff or room then you most likely you want a resource for each staff/room. So let's say you have 5 rooms that you host events in, and you want to avoid events at the same time being booked at the same room, then you need a resource for each room. For example: "MakePlans conference 2022 - room #1" but at the same time there might be another event: "How to build a rocket - room #2". To ensure all the Elon Musk fans go to room #2 and everyone who loves calendars go to room #1 you need to make sure everyone knows where the event is held. And you do that by setting the resource on the event. But if you have many events in many different places there could be a lot of resource. And which resource is booked might not be that important. In that case it will be sufficient to just have one resource. So all your events are set to be with that resource. In many cases that works great for events, and it is certainly cheaper for you as MakePlans is charged per resource. Just be aware that MakePlans will then not be able to avoid double bookings for your events, so event #1 and event #2 could suddenly be booked at the same place at the same time.

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