What is a resource?

Our pricing model is based on how many resources you have. So make sure you do not pay more than you need by understanding what a resource is. The key aspect here is to avoid double bookings. That is why each staff or room in most cases needs to be its own resource in MakePlans.

A resource is basically where the booking ends up. So if a customer books an appointment for a haircut, the resource is the employee who is doing the haircut. If you have staff that are available for booking then most likely you will set up a resource for each staff. That way your customers can book any of your staff. The same applies if you rent out a room, for example for playing squash. Each squash room will then be a resource which is available for booking.

For events you can create a resource for where the event is located. So if you have events in "the big event hall" you can create a resource for this space. In some cases it might be easier to just create a generic events resource though. So you can call it "event resource". If you have events at many different locations or if the availability of the location isn't relevant then you might be able to just use one resource. Contact us if you have any questions about how to best set up your account.


Resources: Linda, John, Peter.
Services: Haircut (30 min), haircut (60 mins), colouring (120 mins).

Resources: Squash room red, squash room blue.
Services: Squash (45 mins).

Resources: Yoga room big, yoga room small.
Event types: Hatha yoga, bikram yoga.

Math classes:
Resources: Class resource.
Event types: Math tutoring

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