Show bookings from MakePlans in other calendars

You can view bookings in other calendars such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar og Outlook by utilising the MakePlans iCalendar-feed.

Enable iCalendar-feed

Navigate to 'Setup -> Resources' and select a resource. Here you will a link to 'Activate iCalendar-feed'. After you activate it the URL for the iCalendar-feed is shown. This URL is unique for the selected resource. It contains credentials to retrieve bookings for the resource so do not share this with others,

Add the iCalendar URL in your calendar

This step depends on which calendar you are using but in most calendar applications you are able to add an external calendar. This uses the iCalendar standard and you can add the iCalendar URL for your resource.


* The iCalendar-feed only includes future bookings and is limited to 200 events.
* Due to limitations in other calendar applications and the iCalendar standard we are unable to control how often the feed is refreshed. Some calendars applications such as Google Calendar does not refresh the feed very often. As a a result there can be a significant delay before new bookings and changes from MakePlans is reflected in your external calendar. Some calendars applications might offer a way to manually refresh the feed.
* The feed is read-only. So all changes to the bookings must be performed in MakePlans.

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