Using custom fields

MakePlans has support for custom fields on all objects. So you can add custom fields to the booking, customer, resource, service, event and category. Custom fields can be just internal or they can be used on the public booking site as well. This means any public custom fields must also be added to the internal admin forms. We support text, checkbox, select, textarea, hidden and date fields.

The form is built with Liquid. Please read the Liquid documentation for more information. You can use HTML and all standard Liquid syntax. In additional to the standard Liquid tags MakePlans has made available various standard fields (for booking and person in public booking form) as well as custom field types (for booking, person, service, event, resource and category).
There are two types of forms:
1. The booking form on the public booking site. This allows you to create a custom form for customers making a booking. You can change the label of the standard fields and add custom fields.
2. Additional form fields in the administration system. This allows you to add custom fields to a booking, person, service, event, resource or category form in the administration system. You do not need to add standard fields to these forms, whatever you add is in addition to the standard fields. The custom fields can have a different label than on the public booking site but the field name must be identical. You can also add custom fields here that are not available on the public booking site.
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