Booking verification

By default MakePlans will require SMS verification to confirm a booking. This is due to security, privacy and data accuracy. However you can change this to use email verification, or you can also disable verification. We also support additional verification using Facebook.

We recommend sticking with SMS verification as many customers with less technical knowledge find it easier to fill in an SMS code than finding the verification email (they have to login to the email account, locate the email, click the link).

The way verification works is that the customer will fill in their personal details, including phone number. MakePlans will then send a 5 digit verification code the phone number. The user will see information that the booking is not confirmed until the verification is completed. The customer has to enter the verification code in the form. When entered and submitted the booking is confirmed.

An unverified booking is marked as tentative for 20 minutes. This expiration period also applies to bookings that are verified but not yet confirmed, such as when a payment is required. After 20 minutes it will be possible to book by someone else. So if the customer verifies the booking after 25 minutes it could be expired if someone else has made the booking within the last 5 minutes. However if the slot is still free then the verification will succeed and the booking will be confirmed regardless of how long it is since the booking process was initiated. This is possible until the booking time starts. After the tentative period is over the booking is set as inactive. After the booking time starts and the booking is still not confirmed the booking will be set with an expired state. The 20 minute tentative expiration period can be modified on your account, please contact support to set a different value.

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