How available slots are generated

Slot availability on the booking site is determined by the following settings:

  • Availability on the resource. You can set default opening hours and override pr date. See "Define availability on the booking site with opening hours" for more info.
  • Duration of the service. If you set it to be 30 minutes a new slot is available every 30 minutes. You can fine tune when the next available slot is with the rounding settings (for example round to every hour so a next slot is at 10:00 instead of 09:55 if you have a booking ending at 09:55). In addition you can offer more options for slot frequency and for example offer a slot every 10 minutes even though the service duration is 30 minutes. See "Slot frequency" for details.
  • The next available slot is also determined by what we call rounding. Let's say a booking ends at 14:50. Do you want the next available slot to be at 14:50? In many cases no, you would want it to be at 15:00. This is where rounding comes in. You can set a default in the booking site settings ("Default rounding to next available time for reservation") and you can specify it per service as well. You can round it to the nearest 5 minutes or hour, plus other choices. You can also disable rounding but be aware that could lead to odd looking slots and booking times.
  • By default all public holidays will result in no availability unless you disable this feature in the booking site settings or override resource availability on the specific date.
  • Availability can also be extended by increasing the resource capacity. Normally you want capacity to be 1 to avoid double bookings, but if you want to have multiple bookings for one slot then you can increase the capacity. See "Resource capacity" for more information.
  • You can also set rules for how far ahead in the future it is possible to book and when the first available slot should be. This can help you avoid last minute bookings, for example 5 minutes before the booking starting time, and to avoid someone booking 2 years in the future. See "Restrict future bookings" for more information.

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