Zoom integration

Go to 'Settings -> Integrations'. Select Zoom from the list of integrations.

Click the "Connect to service' button. This will open Zoom. Enter your credentials to login to Zoom.
You will then return to MakePlans to select which MakePlans account to connect to. Select your account.
If you will be using Zoom for events you can configure the integration to either use webinar or meetings for group sessions. Your Zoom plan must have support for webinars if you want MakePlans to create webinar instead of a meeting. The free Zoom plan does not support webinars.
For events you can also choose if you want each booking to have its own individual Zoom link or a shared link for all participants. This feature also requires your Zoom account to support this functionality (basically you need a paid Zoom account, not a free one).
The next step is to connect a resource in MakePlans to a user in Zoom. Go to 'Settings -> Resources', click a resource and click 'Edit'. You will find a drop-down to choose the connected Zoom user. Click 'Save'.
Finally you must enable a service for Zoom. Go to 'Settings -> Services', click a service and click 'Edit'. Check the 'Automatically create a Zoom meeting for this service' setting. Click 'Save'.
Finally you must enable an event type for Zoom. Go to 'Settings -> Event types', click an event type and click 'Edit'. Check the 'Automatically create a Zoom meeting for this service' setting. Click 'Save'
For each new appointment in MakePlans there will be created a meeting in Zoom.
MakePlans will also automatically use the Zoom invitiation conference link for each booking created for this resource.
To display this link to the customer you can insert '{{ booking.zoom_url }}' in the SMS reminder text at 'Settings -> Communication' or create a new message template from 'Messages templates'. See https://github.com/makeplans/makeplans-custom-messages#booking for more information. Please note that this link cannot be inserted in the confirmation message or message template as the Zoom meeting might not be created when the confirmation message is sent. You need to add it to a reminder message or a confirmation message template that is sent more than 5 minutes after the booking is created.
To uninstall just go to the integration and click 'Delete'.

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