Visma eAccounting integration

Go to 'Settings -> Integrations'. Select Visma eAccounting from the list of integrations.

Click the 'Connect to service' button. This will open Visma eAccounting. Enter your credentials to login to Visma eAccounting. If you have multiple Visma eAccounting accounts connected to your login then you must also select which account to connect to.
You will then return to MakePlans to select which MakePlans account to connect to. Select your account.
The next step is to define the payment terms for the order generated from MakePlans.
And finally you have to link a service in MakePlans to a product in Visma eAccounting.
That's it. MakePlans will now automatically add a new customer in Visma eAccounting when a new customer is created in MakePlans. You can also manually generate an order in Visma eAccounting from a booking in MakePlans.

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