Restrict future bookings

You might not want to accepts bookings for year 2145 unless you are a time traveller. So MakePlans offers two ways of restricting how far in the future your customers can book.

On the booking site settings you will find these two settings:

Do not allow reservations until

This setting restricts when the first available time for booking should be. Let's say you need to do a lot of planning for each appointment and you might want not allow customers booking on the same day. By setting this to "9AM tomorrow" customers will not be able to make same day bookings. The first available timeslot will be 9AM the following day, regardless if you are available in the calendar today.

Do not allow reservations after

This setting restricts when the last available time for booking should be. By default MakePlans will not allow bookings more than six months in the future. If needed you can change this to something more limited. For example entering "in two weeks" will not allow any bookings starting more than two weeks from the current time.

Setting format and calculations

You can enter a value based on natural language. For example:
  • tomorrow at 6:45pm
  • 7 days from now
  • thursday next week
  • in 3 hours

You can also enter specific dates but please keep in mind that you have to update it when allowing bookings past that date.

MakePlans will calculate the restriction based on your value for these settings and the current time.

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