Confrere integration

Go to 'Settings -> Integrations'. Select Confrere from the list of integrations.

You then need to log in to Confrere and get your API credentials. You will find it under 'Settings -> API and integrations'. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret and paste it into the MakePlans Confrere integration setup.

The next step is to connect a resource in MakePlans to a user in Confrere. Go to 'Settings -> Resources', click a resource and click 'Edit'. You will find a drop-down to choose the connected Confrere user. Click save.

MakePlans will now automatically create a unique video conference link for each booking created for this resource.

To display this link to the customer you can insert '{{ booking.confrere_url }}' in the SMS reminder at 'Settings -> Communication'. See for more information.

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