Bookings within a limited timeframe

This article will explain how you can have people book an appointment during a limited timeframe. For example if you want potential customers to be able to book sales meetings during a two day conference or have people book a research interview during a two week period.

1. Create a resource for each bookable consultant or room where appointment should be made.

2. Set the opening hours to closed for all weekdays.

3. Create a new service for your sessions. Make sure to check the resources that should be available for booking

4. Go into the calendar. Navigate to the week or date when you want to open up for online booking.

5. Click the clock icon and set your availability. Click save. See 'Define availability on the booking site with opening hours' for more info.

When customers now go to the booking site and select the newly created service they will only be able to book on the specific dates you set up.

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